Racquet customisation

Professional players have always been using a racquet customisation service.

Some of them play with special custom made racquets, all the other players use frames from production, taking special care (weight, balance, swingweght, grip shape, etc.), to create racquets that are ideal for their needs for feeling/play.

There is no reason why we tennis fans can not do the same.

racquet customisationIn fact, more and more players of a good standard benefit from these measures for their racquets in order to optimise their performances.

Every player is different, so they will like different racquets and different set ups. That’s where racquet customisation comes into play. The playing characteristics of a racquet can be altered to fit your playing style and ability.

If you buy two racquets in any tennis shop, they look the same but they are not. Even though your racquets are made by the same manufacturer and they are the exact same model, they are most probably slightly different in weight, balance and swing weight. If you break a string in a match and pick another racquet, it could take you several games to adjust.

Starting from standard retail racquets, you can do many changes: increase the overall weight, torsional stability, move or enlarge the sweetspot, change the balance of a racquet and move it more or less towards the head or towards the handle to make the racquet more manageable or more powerful.

The important thing is to have a racquet specialist to take care of the job, to obtain a racquet to your liking.
When you start altering the specs of your racquet, you are better off getting professional help. Some alterations could void the warranty of your racquet. You could also put yourself at risk for injury if you don’t know the specs of your equipment and you’re not experienced with adding weight.

Leave that part of customisation to the professionals. CrossOver Racquet Service can do all the work for you.